"Raw Data: Hostile Takeover" PvP Trailer, Exiting Early Access in Sep, Playstation VR release

Raw Data, a VR action wave shooter title from Survios (for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift) will be getting PvP update soon, according to announcement.

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Raw Data on Steam: bit.ly/RawDataOnSteam

Raw Data on Oculus: bit.ly/RawDataOculusLive

Official site: www.Survios.com/RawData

SyndiK8 vs. Eden Corp: whatever side you’re on, this fight is personal. Often requested and hotly anticipated, PvP is finally coming to Raw Data. Featuring the same nanotech-enhanced heroes with revamped abilities and balanced power levels, Hostile Takeover pits you against the most challenging enemies ever encountered in VR: your fellow players.

Raw Data is still in Early Access on Steam until September, and will be coming out to Playstation VR too. 

According to Survios, an 0.7 update will be out in the Summer, that will add lots of contents to the game. 

Throughout this year in Early Access, we’ve sometimes had to make hard decisions regarding content priorities, but with 0.7, we’ve been able to revisit and realize several of those delayed ideas. Bringing fresh gameplay that adds a whole new level of replayability, 0.7 is arguably the most ambitious update we’ve had to date, which seems fitting considering what’s coming after. Over the next several weeks, we’re going to reveal more news and content about what’s to come in this thrilling new chapter of Raw Data’s development saga. 

Apparently 0.7 update will be the final major update in early access stage. 

Check out the trailer for PvP below.