"Sparc" VR Launch First on PSVR Q3 This Year, E3 Trailer

Sparc VR, a fast paced full body Esports VR title, will be releasing first on Playstation VR in Q3 this year on the Playstation Store, followed by Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Check out the Sony blog post here.

Developed by CCP Games, this game was designed to answer the question of whether we can “transform the space in front of your TV or monitor into a virtual court where you could actually meet and compete with other players”.

Our design philosophy is that Sparc is a virtual sport, or vSport – a unique full-body experience only possible in virtual reality where your VR hardware is your sporting equipment. The game play is physical and energetic.

In this game, player will be using motion controller to toss projectiles at the opponent, while dodging the projectiles thrown by them. 

Beyond the game’s 1 vs 1 core gameplay, Sparc includes challenges for players to engage in on their own, designed to improve their skill through practice of the fundamental physical actions like throwing and deflecting. Working on the basics solo will help against real, human opponents. We think of them like batting cages for baseball or automatic ball launchers for tennis.

There is going to be avatar customization in the game, allowing you to change your appearance according to your liking.

It is an online oriented title. Player can play 1v1 against friend, or find opponent via matchmaking. Once matched, players will be played in the Courtside, where they can view neon-lit matches or queue for their next match.

There will also be single player content, in the form of challenges, as well as a training mode.

Check out the E3 trailer below