"Lone Echo" & "Echo Arena" Up for Pre-Order, Trailer & More

Ready at Dawn‘s two new g-force space titles “Lone Echo” and “Echo Arena” are up for pre-orders. Lone Echo is a single player, narrative-driven space adventure title. Echo Arena is a multi-player, esport-oriented spinoff title of Lone Echo. These 2 titles are exclusive to the Oculus platform for the Oculus Rift. 

Pre-ordering Lone Echo on Oculus Store shaves off 10% of its retail price of $39.99, and a free copy of Echo Arena. This game will launch on July 20th.

In Lone Echo, you play as an android named “Jack”, who is stationed at a mining facility on the rings of Saturn. A spatial anomaly occurred, forcing you to investigate the looming danger ahead and to rescue Captain Rhodes.

Echo Arena on the other hand, pits you and your team against an opposing team in a zero gravity battle for glory. It will be opened for a free early access beta weekend at 10:00 am PT on June 23. 

Oculus also announces the VR Challenger League, a brand-new VR esports competition. ESL and Intel will be sponsoring the prizes, with “an expected $200K in prizes up for grabs and games including Echo Arena and The Unspoken.”

Brackets begin on July 12 for The Unspoken and shortly after the July 20 launch for Echo Arena. Both leagues will culminate at the world’s biggest esports event—Intel Extreme Masters Poland!