Steam New Release: Smashing The Battle VR

A new third person, action title by the title “Smashing The Battle VR” has just been released over Steam!

Smashing The Battle is originally a flat screen title (Steam), and then remake into VR format and released for the Samsung Gear VR (Oculus Store). This release is the HTC Vive port of the game. Do note that this game uses a gamepad, rather than motion controllers.

Smashing The Battle VR take place in the year 2085, and is played with the third person top down perspective. As the title implies, you will be smashing your way through various sites and bring down the malfunctioning construction robots. Apparently a hacking incident has occurred, and you have to do your job to contain the damage.

This game features 2 playable characters, each with their own side of stories in the game.

  • Sarah O’Connell, the survivor. Deals a massive of damage during the battle and defeat the enemies like a boss.
  • Mary Lucy, the chaser. Summon the mech robot that will get its attack radius bigger as the longer it stays alive.

Each characters has their own play styles. There are various suits that you can unlock and upgrade in this game, providing various useful properties for use in battles.

Smashing The Battle VR is currently 33% off on Steam right now.

Title: Smashing The Battle VR
Genre: Action
Developer: Studio HG
Publisher: YJM Games
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Seated, Standing
Link: Steam Page