“Radiant Crusade” Adds Non-VR Support & More

Virtual Reality tower defense/action title “Radiant Crusade” was released a while ago on Steam, and since then, has been receiving regular updates and improvements, such as additional languages and visual upgrade, major changes to the camera’s behavior, better effects, new end game sequence, but the biggest change is the non-VR support, allowing those without a VR headset to play the game.

Radiant Crusade gets you to pilot a vehicle , where you have to drive around the terrain and attack enemies with a range of weapon, while protecting a tower that’s also trying its best to fend off the attack too. Destroying these enemies net you the ability to upgrade component of your vehicles with a skill tree. The entire game is played using a gamepad.

Check out the announcement here. Its not the end of what they will add to this game, of course. Radiance Games promises more features to be added, though they haven’t talk about what they will be adding. This is now an VR-optional title (for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR).