“Dead Moon Revenge on Phobos” Announced for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Teaser Trailer

Indie game developer Mercury Aerospace has just showed off a tease of their current VR project, that’s coming out soon. Titled “Dead Moon Revenge on Phobos“, this will be a VR sci-fi video game that’s appearing on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets.

The game captures an advanced combination of movement techniques with intuitive controls. Items can be touched, used, or destroyed for an even more intense feeling during the game. There are a lot of weapon types and a lot of different opponents. Each opponent has its own AI behaviour and its own unique fighting skills. Experience the fascinating moonscape and explore a dilapidated moon base with a lot of secret hideouts, impregnable hordes of opponents, and a sinister Sci-Fi setting.

Dead Moon is set in the year 2393, where you play an archaeologist, on your trip back from a mission on Mars. On route, you made a forced landing on Moon Phobos, where you discovered “Stickney 2”, an outpost that was forsaken and forgotten 7 decades ago. You tries to find your way to leave the moon, only to find out that it is a difficult task, as numerous waves of monsters has appeared, seeking to destroy your plan. Expect lots of actions and monsters killing in sci-fi environments.

No release date has been set yet. Check out the pre-alpha teaser trailer below.