“Seeking Dawn VR” E3 Gameplay Trailer

A new video for upcoming VR video game “Seeking Dawn” has surfaced. This was apprently being shown at E3 floor but not online, until now.

They hoped for a heroic victory to turn the tide of war in their favor, but luck abandoned Lt. James Weston and his elite squad of soldiers. Now, stranded on a deadly alien world with no backup or supplies, enemy forces are closing fast. Lt. Weston must do whatever it takes to lead his squad to safety, or become yet another casualty of war.

Combining gritty combat and an intricate crafting system, Seeking Dawn is an expansive VR action-survival game set on a sprawling and dangerous alien world.

You knew it wouldn’t be easy taking back the stronghold of Donovan Crater, but the briefings from high command didn’t prepare you for this. The mysterious alien world is full of exotic, foreign flora and blood-thirsty, native creatures intent on ridding their territory of intruders. If the planet trying to scrub you from its surface wasn’t enough, you must also defend your squad from the United Federation of Sol, an adversarial political entity with a hidden agenda. 

Venture out alone or work with a friend in multiplayer co-op; create the weapons and equipment to persevere and fight back; and take on harder challenge modes for even better loot. Most importantly, stay alive and find a way home.

This game will be coming out on the Rift, Vive and PSVR.