Virtual Raccoon Lab Project S.L Launching VR Distribution Platform “Virtual Raccoon Lab”

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It seems VR users will have another outlet to purchase their VR titles in the future, as a brand new start-up, “Virtual Raccoon Lab Project S.L” will be launching a VR-only marketplace soon, known as “Virtual Raccoon Lab” (it is currently in BETA). You can access it at

Virtual Raccoon Lab is a distribution platform from The Virtual Raccoon Lab Project S.L, and has just recently been released to the public, with the sole focus on PC headsets at the moment. In addition, there are plans to expand into mobile VR and all-in-one VR in the near future as well.

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The Virtual Raccoon Lab Project S.L is based in Spain, and is run by seven professionals from various countries. These guys are as passionate as every VR supporters out there, and wishes nothing more than to assist in the distribution of VR softwares, just so to help plays a part in kickstarting the VR industry. The company was founded in November 2016, and also includes another extensive team of 16 engineers from different parts of the world as well.

The Virtual Raccoon Lab Project (TVRLP) contains the integration of both sides of the Immersive Reality market in a single company. On the one hand, TVRLP is dedicated to the development and standardization of Virtual and Augmented Reality, as well as Mixed Reality environments. These developments range from sectors as diverse as education, medical training, or military training, creating standard protocols that can be later applied to other companies or organizations in the same sector.”

According to The Virtual Raccoon Lab Project S.L’s Dan Simpson, Virtual Raccoon Lab is a DRM-free VR store that’s currently available for PC VR headsets, including (but not limited to) HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, as well as OSVR. VR developers who wishes to have their softwares up on Virtual Raccoon Lab, can simply create an account page and then release their contents up on the site rather easily.

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The Virtual Raccoon Lab Project S.L has also developed a filter system for this digital platform, which allow users to break down by headsets, categories, tags and price as well, and they will be implemented once the library on the store increases. At the moment, there’s no refund system though, but the guys behind the store is hoping to implement it as the store grows and developers in the future.

Virtual Raccoon Lab isn’t going to be just a browser store though. Future plans for it includes a desktop app, a VR launcher and DRM system too.

In conclusion, it seems the team is looking into making it an one-stop centralized store for VR users of various headsets, with interfaces specially designed for virtual reality contents as well. If you are a VR developer/publishing and wishes to get an extra exposure, you can consider heading to the site, register an account and start selling your VR software there.