“Everything Must Fall” VR Early Access Trailer

Action-packed physics title “Everything Must Fall” is currently in Early Access on Steam (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift) and Oculus Store (Oculus Rift), from indie developer Carry Castle. In this title, you play an “outcast among the tinies working your daily job as a demolitioner at Blow Big Stuff Up Ltd. Before you know it, your life is turned upside down. You must save your parents. A Journey of a lifetime begins.

The game will consist of 3 acts of gameplay, and currently at this moment, half of the Act 1 story is playable (which comes to around 10+ puzzles), with the rest of the content as its future roadmap. The full game is expected this autumn, if the schedule progresses smoothly.

Here’s a freshly released EA video trailer from the developer.