“Neurowake” Announced for HTC Vive, Screenshots, Trailer, Details

A brand new HTC Vive exclusive by the title of “Neurowake” has just been announced, with early access release via Steam scheduled on 15 July 2017.

Shortfuse Studio is both developing and publishing this title. Development first started back in 2015, and according to the developer, this game has been shown to the public in various conferences and show floors, such as MWC and ChinaJoy last year. The development team was chosen to be part of the first batch of Vive X Accelerator.


Neurowake is described as a FPS, that features 4v4 Online Battle System. When it launch as early access, it will contain 3 classic game modes, 3 game maps, 5 epic characters, PvE Training System and Voice Chat System, and finally leaderboard.

The Awakening brought chaos to the world, tearing it to pieces and setting up the foundation for a new global order, new threats, allies, and obstacles to overcome. Separated by ideology and belief, you must take on the responsibility of a member loyal to the UWC or choose to stand for freedom with the resistance. Whatever your decision – it’s time to prove your worth on the battlefield.


There are 2 sides in the conflict of the backstory of this game: the UWC member, or the resistance hero, which forms the playable lineup of the game. Each of the characters (Chasel, Mamut, Ghost, Siev and Ava) has their unique abilities (range from “X-Vision” to “Ghost Cloak”) and weapon set, offering different types of play styles for the characters.


This game is said to feature a unique chessboard teleportation system, that will bring intensive fast gameplay to this title.


There will be 3 classic modes: free-for-all, team death match, as well as a Siege mode, across 3 types of arena, like a prison yard, gigantic amazon jungle or an abandoned underground subway station.

While the title has yet to be released, it has already clinched several awards. According to the developer, it has won “Best VR Game” award from Xiaomi Entertainment, “Best Annual Product” at VRWDC, and “Most Popular VR Game” at 17173VR.


There’s no exact timeline on when this title will be released out of Early Access, but they have estimated that it will take several months before that happen.

If you are interested in this title, you can go check out the Steam Page to wishlist it. Here are the screenshots and a trailer of the game.