PSVR New Release: Ancient Amuletor

Wave Shooter/Tower Defense VR title “Ancient Amuletor” will be releasing tomorrow from publisher Time of VR for Playstation VR, with development work under TiGames.

Ancient Amuletor is a game which combines elements of shooting, tower defense, and other genres to create a new experience for VR. In Ancient Amuletor, players can choose different heroes and be the peacekeeper of a magical world. Each hero has his or her own unique gameplay mechanic.

Ancient Amuletor features 4 different classes to choose from: Archer, Gunslinger, Puppet Master and Mage, each with their own unique play styles and characteristics. As Archer, you are given the archery mechanics, and gun shooting for Gunslinger class, for example. You can wield spells as a Mage, or throw down puppets at the enemies, which mimick your action like punches. You should try all of them and see which class fits your play style.

Ancient Amuletor features teleportation movement, where you can get around the pillars to fend off the waves of enemies, across 4 levels of gameplay and boss battles. There’s also co-op feature, allowing you to team up with 3 other players on the same arena as well.

This game was released on June 27th with the price of $19.99, and a demo is available here. The PC version of this title will be releasing on a later date.