Viveport New Release: Front Defense

Shooter title “Front Defense” has just been released on HTC’s Viveport storefront!

This is Vive Studio’s first party title (developed by Fantahorn Studio), whereby player is set to fend off army troops behind a barricade. There are various weapons at disposal, and you can freely use them to fight the opposing troops off. One thing to note here is there is no locomotion involved, and you can only fight from behind the sandbags.

Created by Vive Studios’ first-party developer Fantahorn Studio, Front Defense is a highly-polished, arcade-style room-scale VR shooter set in the final days of World War II’s European theater. The invasion of Normandy is over. The fiercest firefights of the war have just begun. Front Defense immerses players in the role of an Allied Forces hero fighting the last relentless onslaught by the Axis in a fictional European town. Hunker down behind well-armed positions as you duck, dive, switch and reload weapons, throw grenades, and man mounted guns to fight back the enemy assault. Use heavy weaponry against increasingly brutal enemy soldiers, arm the Bazooka or call in airstrikes against armored cars and heavy tanks, and man the thunderous 50-Cal to take down suicidal Stuka dive bombers. From the opening salvo, Front Defense uses the power of VR and the precision of Vive’s room-scale to deliver one of the most intense war shooter experiences ever created.

HTC has been showcasing this title at various places, as well as its Viveland arcade in Taiwan. This release marks the first time gamers can enjoy the title from the comfort of their house.

Check out the Viveport to purchase this title. They have released a launch trailer as well, which you can view below.