“Left-Hand Path” VR 0.7.0 Update Adds 2 New Areas

Left-Hand-Path is a VR early access RPG title released last year over Steam, and according to its developer, is inspired by Dark Souls. In this game for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, player is capable of conjuring spells via learning and performing arcane gestures to fight against various horrifying creatures in the darkened castle.

The developer is stressing that this is not simply one of those thrown-away short VR title, as it contains over 10 hours of gameplay, with 17-20 hours of gameplay planned. The title is also fleshed out with voice acting, NPC that you can interact with, full body action gameplay, and an extensive narrative story as well.

According to the latest announcement, the 0.7.0 update of the game is now live, adding 2 final areas of the game; Samael and Xanadu. The addition contains about 5 hours of play time, along with a string of other content expansion and fixes.

  • Two new areas, Samael and Xanadu, totalling around 5 hr of play time!
  • 6 completely new enemies to confound and murder you.
  • 5 new spells and rituals.
  • A complex interleaved plot and brutal ultimate antagonist to overcome in Samael.
  • New, powerful talents to choose to aid your path through the Well.
  • The end of the Left-Hand Path story, complete with fully-voiced and motion-captured NPC interactions.
  • Quality-Of-Life improvements including health recovery at new heads and run option on locomotion.

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