“The Frontier Outskirt VR” Alpha Second Release Dated 1st August, More Details

The Frontier Outskirt VR from Matt’s Creations was released earlier this month as Early Access for PC over Steam, and carries support for the HTC Vive. In this title, player gets to live out their Star Wars dreams, as they are able to engage in battle against cyborgs, droids and machines, using beam swords. Its not an authentic Star Wars VR titles, but it is close enough for gamers to jump in and enjoy the intense gameplay.

Today, Matt’s Creation announces that the Alpha Second Release official release date is set to be 1st August 2017.

This new update features the following:

  • VR Character
  • Space Battles
  • New Movement Modes
  • Improved Troops AI
  • New Map
  • Updated Game Style

• VR Character
You will be finally able to see your whole virtual body. The first type of character will take you to the incredible battle atmosphere.

• Space Battles
The big next feature of the game are space battles. We are very happy to introduce you this great feature. The upcoming version will include first space map called Star Primes and first collection of spaceships with interiors.

• New Movement Modes
New movement modes is very helpful feature, because a lot of people don’t like locomotion movement. So we added many more movement modes. Upcoming version will include 3 new movement modes with a lot of settings. Locomotion (you will be able to set up all settings for loco mode), Teleportation (Teleportation speed and many more settings will be available) and Touchpad movement (you will be able to set up settings as you wish as well). We really care of your comfort in the game…

• Improved AI
Soldiers will be able to find their own covers much quicker than before. Accuracy and movement flexibility will be also improved.

• New Map
New map for Ground Mode will be something new for TFO. It’s a map of Jungle type. It’s called The Forest Occupation. More you will see in the game or on the screenshots.

• Updated Game Style
As the game moves forward, we really want to update game style as much as it’s possible. It’s more futuristic!

Thank you very much for reading latest news and we hope you will stay with us! Enjoy and thanks again!!!

Here is some demo shots from upcoming version (Space battles and The Forrest Occupation map for Ground Mode)
– The Forest Occupation [In campaign and custom mode]



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