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“Bait!” VR Surpass 2 Million Players, Adds Gear VR Controller Support

Sweden-based company Resolution Games‘ mobile VR title “Bait!” has surpassed 2 million players, as announced via a press release recently!

This milestone was achieved after the title launches on Samsung’s Gear VR platform last year March (Oculus Store), followed by a release on Google Daydream (Google Play Store) in January 2017.

In this game, you are tasked by your boss to head over to Bait! Island to catch fishes to popular the struggling aquarium at your workplace. During the game, you gets to interact with the locals, catch fishes across 4 different types of lakes, and visit the shops. Each of the lakes has got their distinct style, with unique set of fishes to catch.

Recently, the developer also added Gear VR controller compatibility to the title as well, which has help enhanced the gameplay experience of this title.

If you are interested in this game and is thinking of adding another download to the 2 million counts, you might want to check out the trailer below.