Daydream/Gear VR New Release: Ghosts In The Toybox

A new Google Daydream title has recently been released on the Google Playstore.

Titled “Ghosts in the Toybox“, this action/adventure shooter game is made by Viewpoint Games , a software house which also creates VR Kart on a variety of VR headsets as well. Ghosts in the Box is also available on the Oculus Store for the Gear VR too.

HELP!!! Professor Milestone’s latest experiment has gone disastrously wrong.

He’s accidentally trapped a fright of playful poltergeists inside toys which are scattered around his home.

You need to destroy the toys to free the spirits from their patchwork prisons!
Make your way through the house and clean up all his mess.

Single player story mode
Arcade mode
A host of zany weapons to help free the ghosts with