HTC Vive

“Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur VR” Coming to Viveport

In a rather interesting twist, HTC’s China Regional President of Vive Alvin Wang announced at MWCS17, and then over twitter via proxy, that Square Enix‘s card battler VR title “Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur VR” will be coming to Viveport.

This title is based on the massively popular game series “Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur” , which has spawned various works across a variety of platforms in Asia. Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur VR is the series’ VR debut, and is an title that’s build from the ground up for VR.

The game was released last month on Steam, but it is region-locked to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, with languages support for Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and English.

The announcement is rather vague and is still lacking details, especially because the announcement is made at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017. As this congress is limited to Shanghai, does that mean this announcement is limited for Viveport in China? Regardless, people who were blocked out of purchasing it on Steam, can now purchase it on Viveport (or create a China account for Viveport). I hope this game will be released out globally on Steam in the future.