Oculus New Release: Project LUX

Japanese VR title “Project LUX” has been released on the Oculus Store, featuring Oculus Rift support!

Project LUX is an adventure narrative title that lean towards experience than gameplay, featuring 5 episodes and voice talents of Aimi Tanaka (as Lux) and Teruaki Ogawa (as the agent).

Our story takes place in a court trial, set in a futuristic world where most humans have cyberbrains. The defendant on trial is an agent who coordinates with artists to create the data for cyberbrains to interact with people’s emotions. The victim is a girl artist named Lux. The jury has to investigate what really happened by reliving the memory data of the defendant.

Project LUX is being developed by Spicy Tails and published by Sekai Project. It was previously released on Steam with HTC Vive support. Check out the trailer here.