“QBike” VR Beta Test Sign Up, Trailer

Remember that Light cycle chase scene from Tron Legacy (and you didn’t watch it, go view this youtube clip. I’ll wait)? That’s rather a cool scene and if you have ever fantasize of participating in that game, well you will want to keep an eye on this upcoming VR title Qbike: Cyberpunk Motorcycles (Qbike in short).

Qbike’s aesthetic and gameplay is inspired by famous cyberpunk movies, whereby you take control of a powerful quantum motorcycle (each with different powers), and jump into virtual death race with other players.

Classic light cycle gameplay with new impressive features and different game modes in your VR headset.
Avoid enemy barriers and create your own to catch your opponents into your Qbike’s “tail”. Be fast and smart enough to become the winner. Create barriers in front of your opponents to destroy them. Use on-track power-ups and your bike’s powerful skills to succeed in this quantum madness. Tune your race with different options and game modes to create a unique race experience.

GexagonVR‘s QBike will be coming to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and besides motion controllers, the game will also have XBox One Controller support as well.

Qbike features 2 different game modes: Short Trail and Long Trail. As the name implies, the trail will disappear shortly in “Short Trail”, whereas in Long Trail, they only disappear only after the player dies.

Beta sign up is available right now, and you can sign up at this link. No release date has been set yet.