“Defense of Castle Chilly” Update Adds Local VR vs Non-VR Multiplayer

Defense of Castle Chilly is an archery/wizard title, released under the early access label 6 months ago on Steam. Since then, Lord of the Stack has been working continuously to improve the state of the title for the gamers. The game is currently enjoying a 10% sales discount now, so it is a good time to pick this game up.

This is first and foremost a game written specifically with room-scale in mind. In Defense of Castle Chilly, you are tasked to fend off the hostile armies using the bow and arrow. Unlike most VR archery title however, the mechanics are far more involved: you have to make sure you have sufficient arrows in your quivers, and techniques such as speed-loading and other tricks in the game. Here’s a trailer which gives you a better context of what this game is about.

Defense of Castle Chilly contains several game modes: from the standard story adventure mode, to the endless mode where you fight until your last breath, minigames, among others.

Recently, this video game receives a major new update, “The Overlord Update”, which adds the multiplayer feature of letting VR player to play with against another player on PC sans headset. Here’s a rough breakdown about this update.

Local Versus


Rather than being on the same team, the PC player will have to think of himself as the Goblin overload, as he/she will be dispatching the goblin army to take down the VR player. Despite being a VR title, the PC side of the game is rather robust too. The PC player will have to approach this as if it is a real-time strategy game. Besides simply dispatching the enemies (which includes Goblin Plebe, Goblin Gladiator, Sharpshooter, Battering Ram and the “Drulk Evilcut”, a brand new heroic goblin), you will also be able to upgrade them to make them more effective.

PC player gets to issue 4 basic commands (run, climb, attack and wait) and 4 abilities (which needs to be unlocked by gold first).

  • Using the Enchanted Sword makes the Plebes and Gladiators to inflict more damage temporarily thanks to their enchanted weapon.
  • The Spirit Walk makes them shed physical form temporarily and glide down the lane quickly.
  • Field Promotion makes a plebe to become a Gladiator, and a Gladiator to become a Sharpshooter.
  • Rapid Fire is only usable on Sharpshooters: it allows the unit to shoot several fire arrows in quick succession, but they are less accurate

There are a lot more to learn about this local vs mode, and the developer has an online guide which provide more details. PC players might want to look it up before heading in and stepping into the Goblin Lord’s shoes.

If you prefer to cooperate with your PC buddy instead, the game also offers a local co-op mode as well, where the PC player can provide assistance in the role of a flying fairy that’s capable of shooting magic bolts and casting spells. Find out more details here.

Miscellaneous Improvement

According to the developer, this latest updates also comes along with the “obligatory fixes, new avatars, and improvements” as well:

  • New Avatar body for VR player, visible by the Local Co-Op Fairy and PC Overlord views. (you have a body now! not just a floating head!)
  • Improvements to player hitbox, with zone based damage, Enemy arrows can get stuck into you (and can be pulled out and used back at the enemy)
  • Improved PC Menu and added recalibration and pc overlord options
  • Better goblin death sequences (specifically when blown up)
  • More beginner tips


  • Quality settings applying correctly when game first starts
  • Fixed the ‘retry’ button in Last Stand mode, where known spells where being lost


Of course, being an early access title means there are still a lot more works to do. Here’s the “what’s next” for this title after the latest update:

  • More options to choose from for the bow mechanics
  • Improvements to Co-Op hero
  • Next episode in adventure mode
  • Merged/Mixed Reality compatibility