“Home Sweet Home” VR Trailer, Screenshots

A new horror adventure title is set to debut on Steam platform, with optional VR compatibility with Oculus Rift. Titled “Home Sweet Home“, this game is being crafted by YggGame, the game development team of YGGDRAZIL based in Thailand, Bangkok.

Home Sweet Home is a narrative game that’s based on Thai myths and beliefs. In this title, player will be hiding from the perilous spirits, while solving puzzles at the same time. Needless to say, there will be various scary moments as well, so perhaps this is not for people with a weak heart.


Player plays the role of Tim, who’s life has drastically changed after his wife has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Feeling sorrow in one of the nights, he wakes up in an unfamiliar place that’s haunted by a rancorous female spirit. It is said that this house contain some dark sinister secret, that may hold the answers to his wife’s disappearance.

The development of this Thai horror title started in 2014. According to the developer, the title refers to what the married couple was hoping for, when they shifted into the new house, but things started to change after one incident. The team also said that in the end of the game, they will receive a letter from the team, which talks about the moral of family life.


Why the decision to make a horror game though? The game director, Mr Sarut Thabloy and his team first discussed about what game that they can create within their capacity, with consideration for the small manpower of the team, and their resources. Creating an indoor horror title plays to their strength, as they can use darkness and confined space to save on the amount of models, and the shadow rendering.

They also feels that a horror game allows them to reach out and appeal to foreigners (non-Thai people), as one of the most famous and successful things from Thailand in the international market is its horror media, such as the horror movies like Shutter or The Eyes, which has been remade into English by Hollywood. The game director also said that since ghost mythology is common in every nation, it helps translate the game language easier, while basing the game around Thai setting and beliefs help makes it refreshing at the same time. On the flip side, the main challenge for the team is to design the game where player can get into the shoes of the character easier.


Besides being set in a Thai setting, the game is set to have various references to Thai religions and Thai ghosts too (the Thai folk dancer ghost is one example that players want to see the most in this game, according to YggGames), which the game director is hoping will give a new breath of air to the horror fans who have already tried out various games with zombies, Japanese or American’s ghosts. Of course, this doesn’t mean the game is designed only for the foreigners as well, and the game director also encourage Thai horror fans to try out the game too.


A demo for the game is available (you can find the download links later in this article) as well to gather feedbacks from conventions. The feedbacks were quite ‘unbelievable’, and at the same time, has help increased the popularity and excitement among gamers too from Thai people and foreigners as well. The game director also said that there were even volunteers who offered assistance to help develop the game, including foreigners who wants to help translate and narrate the game in English for free.


Another challenge that they faced is the VR option of the game. Unlike traditional game whereby the game dev team can direct the player’s view and movement in cutscenes, it can’t be done in VR. Taking control of the camera in VR can induce headache to the gamers.

Going by the developer’s statement, the game’s aim is to help promote and showcase the game development talents in Thailand rather than profit, so they are not setting a high profit objective.


Currently, the title is set to support the Oculus Rift with gamepad support, with HTC Vive potential. If the game is successful on Steam, they will follow up with console release like XBox and PS4.

Home Sweet Home will surface to haunt the VR players in September. Here are the link to download the demo:

Here’s a screenshot gallery and a youtube trailer of the game.