“The Wizard” Coming as Early Access on 28th July

Poland-based development studio Carbon’s Studio (maker of Alice VR) is going to release spellcasting VR title “The Wizard” soon, and they have some new announcement to make.

First thing, the spellcasting action adventure game will be launching as early access on 28th July, with a price tag of $24.99, on both Steam and Oculus Store.

In this game, players will be granted the ability to conjure spells, using hand gestures via the motion controllers of HTC Vive, as well as Oculus Touch.



Set in a fantasy world, the player turns into a young wizard in this virtual world , who possesses the capability to weave spells based on the energy of the four elements. It sounds fun, until you learnt that you are tasked to travel in time to protect the Realm of Men from the enemy forces. Get prepared to embark on an adventure across different beautifully rendered landscapes which also serves as the battlefield where you have to take down the enemies.

In its early access stage, you will get to enjoy the story mode with 2 regions, that are divided into stages and many additional locations. You will get to wield 6 basic spells, as well as the Fate Cards that “allow players to modify the rules of the game and gain more points“. The Wizards will also have an online leaderboard when it launches as early access.

During the journey to its final release, you can expect additional contents, such as new regions (two exciting story chapters with new challenges and enemy types), and arcade mode (endless arena battles), Master Enchantments (6 new powerful spells), and new Fate Cards (which brings about an additional set of modifiers).


This title has won various awards at Casual Connect recently, which adds more credential to this impressive looking title. Carbon Studio has position this title well in terms of how well it looks and sound on paper so far, and it looks like this might end up as one of the most impressive VR titles this year.