“Slave of War VR” Launching on Steam Soon

A brand new VR title has surfaced on Steam database, and will be releasing in August.

Slave of War VR” looks to be a first person action adventure title, based on the Ancient Greece mythology.

The battles of the gods never lead to a favorable outcome for ordinary mortals. Next battle between the two brothers, Zeus and Hades, began. Most Greeks are transformed into demons of the underworld. A lot of brave warriors fell in battle with their transformed brethren.Waking up in the hold of his own ship in shackles and armed with magical artifacts of Hermes, you will under his patronage undergo a series of tests and save the little that survived in the battle of the Titans.

It seems you will be encountering various characters from the Greece mythology, with Medusa being one of the fiends that you have to take down. Besides slaying Medusa, there are various minions of the lord of underworld, minotaurs to fight, and wearing that Hermes sandals that grant you the ability to fly.

Slave of War VR from Immergity will be playable on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The Steam Page listed 2 different release dates: 16th August and 15 September. I have reached out to the developer to clarify on the release date, and will update this article upon reply from them.