“Survivor VR” Launching 12th July on Steam, Screenshots & Trailer

From 12th July onward, virtual reality players will get to have a taste of trying to survive a natural disaster, in the form of the new title “Survivor VR” from Lucid Dream Studio.

Setting on the opposite end of the spectrum of the mediation VR experiences, Survivor VR strives to put VR gamers’ survival instinct to the test. This game is set in an evening of a seaside town, where a major earthquake has strike, causing a chain of events that includes collapsing buildings and a tsunami. The death toll isn’t looking good, and with ground rescue being rendered impossible due to the flood, survivors are forced to get onto the high ground/rooftop and wait for helicopter rescue.

Assuming the role of the survivor in the ramshackle building, player is expected to make haste of his thinking while surveying the surrounding, and figuring what is the next step he should take to escape to safety. Various hazards in the form of fire, flood, gas, explosions and even falling debris are expected along the way, so you will really have to try and stay calm and think to survive the danger.

According to the trailer and the control scheme, it seems player will move via artificial walking locomotion using the trackpad. The trigger button will be used for operating items, while the Grip Button releases the items in the game.

The game is set to launch on Steam with HTC Vive support. Check out the screenshots gallery and the trailer below.