First Screenshots of “Ghostship Chronicles” VR from MAG Studios

Mad About Games Studios (MAG Studios in short) is an UK based indie studio which specializes in sci-fi games, and has released several games in the Ghostship series (that includes Ghostship Aftermath and CDF Ghostship). The studio also released CDF Starfighter VR, an indie VR space combat simulator, recently in May, after staying in Early Access since April 2016.

MAG Studios today released and shared some screenshots for a mysterious VR title by the name of “Ghostship Chronicles“. No information about this title has been revealed, except that this is a VR and motion controller only game.

The screenshots provide some hints to what we can expect though: it is an action shooter title, and it seems you will be fighting against creatures and perhaps zombies. It looks like there will be teleportation, and you can also see virtual Oculus Touch in some of the screenshots too.

I have reached out to MAG Studios for more information. In the meantime, check out the screenshots in the gallery below.