“The Zero Dome” Announced for SteamVR, Trailer

Pillow Head Games, a one man indie VR game studio, has just formally announced a brand new VR title for the HTC Vive.

Titled “The Zero Dome“, this is described as a ‘sandbox arcade game set in zero gravity’. You will be building, floating and shooting your way around “an otherworldly arena filled with dangerous ancient automatons”.

The gameplay mechanics of this title is rather abstract and unique. In this title, you are able to conjure modular blocks against each other, which is vital to how you move in this game. Using the motion controllers, you will be scaling around with these blocks, but if you throw yourself too far from the blocks, you are able to get back on track with a jet on your motion controllers, that spurs you forward.

You and these blocks are surrounded by a gigantic interior of a spherical arena, which serves as a special zone that earns you point. There will be enemies crawling that tries to kill you, and you can return fire with a pistol. These points are needed to construct more blocks, therefore giving you more places to crawl around and take shelter from.

A dev log has surfaced on May 30th 2017, which details the gameplay from Pillow Head Games. According to the developer, the current plan is to release this title on SteamVR for HTC Vive first, followed by Oculus Rift once he can test on the hardware. No date has been revealed yet, but the trailer says that it will be coming soon.