“Away: The Survival Series” Announced for HTC Vive

Today, a newly formed VR game studio “Breaking Walls” (based in Montreal, Canada) has just announced their upcoming debut VR title.

The reveal is “Away: The Survival Series“, an “episodic animal-based survival game” currently set for release for the HTC Vive headset over Steam.

In an uncertain future, the rise of the animal kingdom marks a new era – one of danger, peril, and opportunity. Playing as various animals, your mission is clear: do you have what it takes to survive?

Away: The Survival Series looks to be a title where you take on a role of the beast in “photo-realistic environments”. You will be traveling around via a “kinetic locomotion system” and do expect to bump into various animals of different shapes and sizes, both friendly and hostile (Bearded Vulture, The Horned Owl, Eagle, and Marine Iguana are some of the confirmed animals to show up).

The site also said that you will “Run, fly, jump, climb, and crawl your way through an ever-changing world of danger and opportunity” as well.

According to the developers of Breaking Walls , you will play as different animals in the episodes, with the sugar glider serving as the introducing protagonist of the game.

As a sugar glider, you can not only run, crawl, and jump through its surroundings, you can also climb up trees and most of all, glide through the air! In addition, being a small sized animal means everything is going to look larger than usual around you.

Also, check out some designs for the animal.

You can signup to “reserve a teaser” on their site now. 

No price nor release date has been announced. While the site says only HTC Vive, don’t get surprise if it comes out on Oculus Rift too.