“Fantastic Contraption” VR Coming to PSVR On July 11st, Details

Fantastic Contraption is due to land on the Playstation VR platform in few days time (11st July)! Sony and its developer Northway Games has also shared some new details via the PS Blog, concerning this VR port from the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift version.

In this game, the player is tasked to deliver an item to the goal zone. To do so, player has to use a variety of tools to create make-shift contraption vehicle, that can carry the object to the destination. There is going to be lots of trials and errors along the way, as you try to make a vehicle that doesn’t fall off the edges and other obstacles.

Radial Games is handling the port to the console. Due to the PSVR’ limitation (as it doesn’t support room-scale play unlike Oculus Rift or HTC Vive), the game has been modified to suit seated play, along with some exclusive levels for the play area.

We’ve included special PS VR-only features that allow you to resize and position your gameworld at the press of a button, which we’re sure you’ll find slick and amazing.

This game will also feature a Resize Island, allowing you to dynamically resize the entire world around you.


PS4 Pro enhancement is also included:

  • 8xAA – We averaged out all those sharp corners for smoother looking curves!
  • Higher-resolution textures – you can almost smell that wood-grain!
  • Improved backdrops and scenery
  • Additional special-effects and visual flairs
  • Extra island decorations
  • 125% resolution oversampling – A fancy way of saying that things look real sharp in there.

The game will carry a $19.99 price tag, but PS Plus members can get 10% off this title at launch week.