“Just In Time Incorporated” Launching July 27th, Trailer, Screenshots

Just In Time Incorporated” from Second Wind Interactive is set to be releasing on July 27th for the HTC Vive over Steam, and this is probably a game that I am personally hyped for.

“Just In Time Incorporated” for HTC Vive is a comedy/hilarious game about moving at normal speed, while everything around you play in slow-motion (which is an interesting mechanics that I look forward to being explore more after playing SUPERHOT VR). You play as an employee of Death Prevention Insurance, and your role is to save your clients from near death scenarios. You will be equipped with a pair of “Hyper-Gloves”, that grants you the ability to move super-fast, teleport and even catch bullets, an ability that you will be needing for your job.

The trailer depicts some of the scenario that your unfortunate clients will encounter, such as falling knifes, getting knocked by vehicle, and even gunfight. The premise of the game sounds like it is going to fulfill that little personal desire of me being that QuickSilver from that scene in X-Men: Days of the Future Past.

Fortunately, it won’t be long that this game is launching. Meanwhile, check out the screenshots and trailer below.