“Dead Secret Circle” VR Announced, Sequel to Dead Secret, Trailer

Dead Secret, a first person thriller/mystery title from the devs at Robot Invader, has been made available for Gear VR (Oculus Home), Oculus Rift (Oculus Rift) and HTC Vive (Steam), and recently its developer has made some announcement.

Dead Secret is a title where you investigate a murder scene, delving into the dead man’s past to understand the circumstances of his death, and escaping before becoming the next victim.

Robot Invader is now introducing a sequel to it, titled “Dead Secret Circle“, to be released this year. They have confirmed that this mystery thriller will be coming to both VR and traditional platforms. On the game site, you can pre-order Dead Secret Circle for Oculus Rift and Steam, and Robot Invader has confirmed that it is coming to Gear VR too. HTC Vive support looks to be a no brainer as well, considering that it is coming to Steam and that Robot Invader indicates that this will be coming out on the same platforms as Dead Secret.

Check out the teaser trailer below.