“Ghostship Chronicles” Announced for HTC Vive/Oculus Rift/PSVR/HyperReal’s VR Headset

Previously, I wrote an entry about Mad About Games Studios‘ new and mysterious VR title “Ghostship Chronicles“, and now I have received some additional information about this title from the developer.

MAG Studios first attempt in VR was originally Ghostship Aftermath, released over Steam way back in 2014. That sci-fi rogue-like horror title is not only the first VR title from MAG Studios, but is also one of the first modern VR titles as well. Ghostship Aftermath was later on made to include non-VR support, because Epic dropped VR support for UDK. Ghostship Aftermath is still playable in VR though, but only on the Oculus DK1 and .3 sdk.

Using their VR experiences, they have now embark on a new VR project. Ghostship Chronicles is an upcoming multi-platform VR title with only motion-controller support. MAG Studios is planning to release the game on the Oculus Rift (with Touch), HTC Vive, HyperReal’s VR Headset (Pano HMD) and the Playstation VR headset.

This game will features 2 game modes: arcade and survival. The original ship, Icarus Station and Colony base, will appear in this title. The elements from the original, such as the weapons, sounds, aliens, zombies etc will be return but in more polished form, and in VR as they are originally intended.

The studio is looking to release on Steam in early access in late Summer, and there’s no price tag announced yet. More details will surfaced from MAG Studios next week, and we will follow the source closely and report back if there is any new discovery.

Check out the screenshots gallery below.

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