“RoVR” , VR (Adorable) Dog Simulator Coming Soon

Ridgeline Labs, an American indie VR game studio (made up of Henry Zhou and Jeremy Slavitz) is about to make VR even more adorable when they launches their upcoming VR dog game “RoVR“.

Ridgeline Labs was born in a tiny dorm at Tufts University. After teaming up as pair programmers in Comp175: Computer Graphics their junior year of college, Henry Zhou and Jeremy Slavitz discovered they held a mutual passion for games and cutting edge virtual reality technology. They subsequently decided to team up again their senior year, deciding to work on a VR project together for their Senior Design project.

According to the founders, the prototype commences with no funding, while they balances their college courseload. After the prototype was done, RoVR was entered and won the 2016 Tufts Ideas Competition. In February this year, the studio was accepted into Play Labs’ inaugural batch, a VR summer accelerator hosted at MIT. Ridgeline Labs Inc. formally incorporated in May 2017.

RoVR is coming this Summer 2017, and will be a VR dog simulator where player can raise, pet, customize and just spend time with these adorable dogs. Here’s a short clip of the game, showing how you can toss a stick and play fetch with it, and then rub its head while it closes its eyes and enjoy the moment.

The game is no doubt coming out on the HTC Vive, as indicated by the controllers you see in this short clip. The developer has promised that a trailer will be coming out soon, to show us more about it.

RoVR looks like it will help explore how the VR interaction can influence users’ ability to connect with virtual entities.