“The Brookhaven Experiment” PSVR AIM Controller Patch Live

Zombie action title “The Brookhaven Experiment” was ported to Playstation VR a while ago, and today the patch to make it compatible with the PSVR AIM controller peripheral is now live.

Something has gone terribly wrong. There aren’t many people left these days. The…things that showed up – after the Experiment tore a hole through reality – have seen to that. You’re not sure how much time you, or humanity itself, has left. If you have enough bullets, and enough batteries, maybe you can live long enough to fight off the monsters and see tomorrow. If you see enough tomorrows, you just might be able to get back to the event and close off the hole that these monsters keep emerging from.

This title from Phosphor Games Studio is available for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam. Oculus Rift users can buy it on the Oculus Store too.