“Raw Data” The Rogue Update 0.7 Coming On July 14th

SurviosRaw Data is scheduled to reach its final release milestone 2 weeks later, but before that, this Early Access title still have one last update to deliver over Steam.

Update 0.7 is set to push the sci fi/wave shooter game to its latest status, adding much more contents that includes a new character and an environment.

New Character

The latest character that will be added to the roster is the fourth SyndiK8 operative: Elder, the Rogue Hunter, an archery master equipped with nanotech enhanced arsenal.

After turning his back on a lifetime as a skilled assassin, Elder is once again taking up his bow against Eden Corporation. He has vowed to destroy the corporate demons who broke his family and drove his daughter, Saija, to undertake extreme measures to exact her own revenge. We’ll go more in-depth into Elder’s gameplay and special abilities in his upcoming Hero Profile!

New Environment

A new battlefield comes in the form of a botanical garden, a stark contrast to the man-made machinery and facilities. 

In the new Soul Decrypt mission, you’ll board the maglev tram and head for this seemingly tranquil zen garden where you’ll come closer to enlightenment than you ever anticipated… but not in the way you think. With all-new psychedelic environmental mechanics, a lush organic atmosphere, and a major narrative bombshell, Soul Decrypt will have you questioning your own (virtual) reality. We’ll showcase more of the Botanical Gardens this week as we countdown to Friday’s release!

PvP Expansion

The game’s PvP “Hostile Takeover” has been under beta testing, and with this update, will open the gate and allowing the public to access it. 

Finally, as you’ve already heard, we’ve been hosting weekend betas of a new, free PvP expansion: Raw Data: Hostile Takeover, which pits you against your fellow players in up to 5v5 king-of-the-hill matches across three challenging maps. Play as the same hero classes you’ve come to know in the story campaign, but with optimized abilities and balanced gameplay, plus artificial (joystick) locomotion. We’ve gotten great feedback from our beta participants, so to celebrate the release of 0.7, we’re opening Hostile Takeover to the entire Raw Data community. We’re stoked to unleash the full force of our operatives onto the battlefields!

The game will be releasing on Playstation VR when it exits Early Access.