Gear VR New Release: Augmented Empire

Turn-Based RPG VR title “Augmented Empire” is launching on Samsung Gear VR today!

Augmented Empire is one of the biggest Samsung Gear VR title released recently, and is a VR game developed by Coatsink.

Augmented Empire VR take place on the island of New Svannah, an “isolated neo-noir city divided into various tiers” via the Citizen Grade System. You are to assume control of a band of people who are seeking to take down this oppressive caste system, where people of high societal value lives in luxury at the summit, while the outcasts dwells in the bottom of the island.

This game is played in a third person perspective. A platform where the gameplay take place, is set in front of you in this VR world. From here, you will be controlling the characters to travel around the area and attack the opponents. Each character can only move a limited range, so tactic is involved, in a way where you have to think when and where to approach as you strike, and who to strike at, which paths to take and so on.

The title is played using gaze-based and touchpad controls of the Gear VR. Besides attacking, there are other actions you can take like hiding and ducking to avoid the enemies’ attack, as well as collecting items to create customized weapons.

The game isn’t a small affair either, as the title contains various story arcs of several characters. Talented voice casts such as Kate Mulgrew, Nick Frost, Dough Cockle, Garrick Hagon plays a part in bringing out the impressive narrative of the title.

The game is said to offer more than 10 hours of gameplay across 26 missions, and 60 environments.

The game looks rather impressive-looking, and help elevate the mobile VR climate in terms of game quality. Do check out this title if you have got a Gear VR.