“Rich Life Simulator VR” Coming Tomorrow

You feel broke after purchasing a high end VR headset(s) and invested in numerous VR games. Fortunately for you, there’s a remedy tomorrow, as bch waves studio will be releasing “Rich Life Simulator VR” on Steam. Just so you can feel rich in VR. Not really.

I’ll just be honest though after viewing the screenshots: it looks terrible. From the screenshots, it seems that you are not doing much here. There’s a pool (which is really just a rectangular hole with water in it) in front of you with some bikini-clad girls (all of whom looks soulless, hanging around by the pool and one dancing on your left) , a tall wooden fence, a jeep, a car and a jeep at the opposite side of the pool and a texture-less building besides the pool….and that’s about it.

And there’s no gameplay. In fact, its just a 3D environment in VR. You can’t interact nor move in this game at all.

This title is coming out on HTC Vive/Oculus Rift/OSVR. This is probably one of the rare moments where I don’t suggest buying a title.