“VINDICTA VR” Update & Roadmap Details

VINDICTA VR, a rather fun action shooter title released few weeks ago on Steam, is getting an update soon.

Developer Game Cooks has revealed the details about the update over Steam announcement for this early access title.

  • Optimized performance/Bug fixes
  • Added interactions with certain environment elements
  • Increased number of checkpoints beyond infamous Checkpoint 14
  • New puzzle elements throughout entire game
  • New melee weapon added for out-of-ammo situations
  • Optimized enemy AI – enemies seek you out and get harder to defeat

More content! One new hardcore level with close to 2 hrs. of gameplay

New objectives

  • Easter Eggs throughout the game
  • Friendly scientists are not so friendly anymore

As you progress in the game:

  • Enemy health increases
  • Enemy bullets become faster
  • Enemy fire rate increases
  • Enemy movement speed increases

Level Changes:

  • Extended gameplay to level 1 & level 5
  • Higher level of difficulty
  • New enemies encounters

New enemy types:

  • Floating Alarm Detector – if it detects you, it’ll throw a range of electric shocks
  • Flame thrower – enemy that shows no mercy
  • Electrified spider – that shoots electric stuns at you and run to cover


  • Oculus Rift version
  • Fine tuning/Bug fixes


  • Multiplayer/Co-Op
  • New level
  • New content