“Minor Deity” Announced for PC VR

A brand new title in the god genre has just been announced for PC-based VR!

Titled “Minor Deity“, you plays a god who will be responsible to help grow a community, using your god powers. 

The gameplay plays out on a virtual landscape in front of you. You will be building farms, create houses for the people, develop roads, walls and gates for defenses. Apparently, this community is also under the threat of creatures such as orcs, skeleton warriors and goblins as well, so you will need to assist them to repel these invaders.

As a god, you are granted special powers, such as terraforming the land (flatten or raising the land), conjuring weathers for various effects like rain showers to grow crops. You can even rear a vicious dragon guardian to assist in your task as well.

If things go according to plan, this game will see release in Q4 2017.