“SteamHammerVR” Full Release Teaser 1, Details

Gamestorm VR‘s action/adventure/shooter title “SteamHammerVR: The Rogue Apprentice London 1892“, is ready to quit early access and head into full release soon. The game is available for purchase on Steam, with official VR support for the HTC Vive. The game will also be making its way to Oculus Rift and Playstation VR in the future.

SteamHammerVR is set in the Victorian London of 1892. The evil professor Rattwurm is busy coming up with an invention, an army of clockwork automatons, that he will like to use to enslaves the citizens.

On the opposing camp is you, and Doctor Obadiah Springhorn, an equal genius of Rattwurm that has developed some state of the art 19th century gadgetry, that is powered by steam. Both you and Doctor Obadiah has to work together to down Professor Rattwurm and his gang of metal-covered minions.

Today, the developer studio has released a brand new video, titled “Full Release Teaser 1”. Going by that title, we will be getting more videos in the subsequent days, eventually concluding with the full release itself.

Read on to find out about the changes you can expect to see after the final EA update is deployed.

The last EA update that will make the title whole, is the addition of 6 missions to the Story Mode (the current EA state consist of 4 missions):

  • Streets of London (Available in Early Access)
  • The Skillington Arms (Available in Early Access)
  • The Tower of London (Available in Early Access)
  • The Sewers (Available in Early Access)
  • Limehouse Warehouse
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Eastenders
  • Night on the Town
  • The Palace
  • Rattwurms Mansion

The Seek & Destroy Game Zones, currently only offering 1 zone, will get 3 new zones:

  • Panic on the Streets of London (Available in Early Access)
  • Pandemonium at St Pauls
  • Pain in the Drain
  • Kick in the Crown Jewels


The update also allows you to ‘take to the streets with a friend’ in the DUO Mode – Seek & Destroy Multiplayer