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New “Seeking Dawn” VR Details

Multi-platform VR titles “Seeking Dawn” looks to be one of the most ambitious title that is coming out in the future. The title has received some new news lately.

Seeking Dawn is a grand-scaled VR game that blends together Survival, exploration, FPS and RPG elements. The game puts its players in an immersive alien world filled with interesting creatures, unknown dangers, and many other surprises still to be discovered.
Seeking Dawn is complete with an epic story and characters whose unique personalities shape the world around you. With hundreds of hours of gameplay, you can expect to scavenge, craft, build, explore, fight and so much more as you unfold the mysteries that lay within our game.


Motion sickness is often an issue for many VR titles. Seeking Dawn for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift has 2 ways to combat it: A motion sickness helper (in the setting menu), which is something that the developer suggest you to try if you are prone to motion sickness. The other is well, the locomotion itself. The game offers 3 options for movement. One of the option consist of an item known as the “Personal Teleporter”, which ‘Instantaneously transmits mass forms and consciousness across the space time continuum’.


In the year 2097, several planets in our system and nearby star systems, including Alpha Centauri, have been colonized by humanity. An entire solar system is in the grips of a corrupt political entity called “The United Federation of Sol” (UFS).
The people of this time are violently oppressed and live in fear and despair due to the malicious intent of the UFS.
Humanities only hope for freedom lies in the hands of Lt. James Murphy, a newborn of the first settlers of the Alpha Centauri system. Murphy joined what is known as “The Republic of Alpha Centauri” (RAC) at a very young age. His intent was to prove himself in battle during our first attempt at regaining independence. We like to call this our “independence War”. We have lost many battles, and worse yet, many young men and women. RAC is currently on the verge of being completely overrun by the UFS Armada.
The war has leaded us here; Donovan Crater. Will we ever see the light at the end of this tunnel?


So what else does this game offer? According to the developer, it looks to have a LOT of features:

  • CO-OP Campaign
  • Hundreds of equipment pieces to craft
  • Various different Tech Trees to explore
  • Survival aspects such as hunger, oxygen. And more
  • Base building, including an arsenal of defense construction options
  • A variety of newly discovered creatures
  • RPG elements such as “Gear Rarity Tiers” & combinations of equipment
  • Unique and impactful use of abilities
  • Realistic climbing, swimming, and rope swinging elements
  • And much more!

The beta for the title is set to be released in Fall 2017. Despite stating that it will be coming to PSVR, the current stance from the game developer Multiverse Entertainment suggest that it is still not a 100% done deal yet, and that they are still waiting for Sony’s words about it.

Here’s the screenshot gallery for the game.