“Crisis Action VR” Announced, Coming to Steam 25th July

A brand new multiplayer co-op FPS VR title is set to add to the pile of games of the similar that includes Onward and Pavlov. Titled “Crisis Action VR“, expect this Steam game to be a little different from the rest.

Game features:

  • Supporting HTC VIVE, Oculus and Keyboard& Mouse.
  • One server globally: To support the global players at the same time combat.

Game Play:

  • Versus——Players are divided into red and blue team for team co-operations. The first who reaches the target of kills win!
  • The game provides five competitive confrontation map for players to choose
  • Adventure——Each session is an independent story. Players will be in the battles of different times and different locations to feel the different shocks of each story! You can challenge alone, or invite up to four players to explore!

Play features:

  • Core shooting——As the basis of the game attack, we added a lot of special effects and physical performance to enhance the shooting feel.
  • Melee attack——As a supplementary attack in the game, Melee attack has been adjusted in the physical damage operation and the intensity of feedback. In some circumstances, a smooth samurai sword and fire ax can greatly increase the player’s living space in the game.
  • Hit effects——Not only to join a variety of bloody violence special effects performance, we also optimized the physical calculation and physical damage when the enemy is been attacked. Players can use the monster’s limb characteristics to calculate the priority of attack.Then achieve the session
  • Horror decryption——Based on the exclusive features of first view of VR game we added terrorist atmosphere and decryption related content. Let players find a trace of survival in the fear.

Game offers:

  • Multiple roles——Choose your role based on your preferences
  • Multiple weapons——Over 5 kinds of weapons, including AK47,CZ805,MP5 and so on. Players can select according to their own habits or checkpoints in the main city at any time
  • Multiple Maps——Silence of the office, dark garage, gloomy lab, flying escape the city road and a series of well-designed level map.

According to the Steam Page, the game will support HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and is developed by Pixel Wonder. Expect this game to appear on 25th July in the form of Early Access for at least 6 months, where more contents such as weapons, characters, npcs, levels and others to be added over time.

Check out the screenshots and the trailers below.