“DEAD MOON – Revenge on Phobos” VR New Screenshots, Trailer

Mercury Aerospace has just released some new screenshots for their upcoming VR game “DEAD MOON – Revenge on Phobos”.

DEAD MOON is a sci-fi action title which take place in the year 2393. In this game, you play as an archaeologist, who while on a return trip from Mars, made a force landing on Stickney 2 (a space station outpost that has been abandoned on the past 7 decades), on Moon Phobos. It turns out that the area is infested with massive waves of monsters, making your to take up arms to deal with them as you tries to leave the moon surface alive.

As a VR title, this game uses an ‘advanced combination of movement techniques’ with ‘intuitive controls’. You will be able to touch, use, and destroy the items in this title. DEAD MOON is said to feature a lot of weapon types, as well as a variety of different opponents as well, each with their own AI behavior and fighting skills.

This game is coming to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with no release date nor price attached yet.

Check out the new screenshots below, as well as a trailer.

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