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“Radial-G Racing Revolved” Coming to Google Daydream

Its not a secret that Tammeka has a Radial-G in the work for Google Daydream, so its not surprising when they finally announced it today. But what is so surprising (to me personally at least), is that Tammeka announces that they are porting Radial-G Racing Revolved to Google Daydream platform!

Why I find it surprising is because Radial-G Racing Revolved is a high-end, desktop class Radial-G currently supporting HTC Vive/Oculus Rift/OSVR on Steam and Oculus Home. I have personally expected that Infinity X is showing up on Google Daydream instead. It will be interesting to see how well Radial-G Racing Revolved holds up on a mobile platform. The developer says that this will feature single player mode against 4 AIs. More announcement will be made in the future.

Update: Apparently, Radial-G: Infinity is out for Google Cardboard and Radial-G: Infinity-X is out for Samsung Gear VR.

Radial-G is a futuristic anti-gravity arcade racer series, that has appeared on a variety of headsets and platforms, such as Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift. This announcement adds Google Daydream to the list, and Playstation VR will be getting a Radial-G title as well in the future.