“Infinite Minigolf” Coming to Vive/Rift/PSVR 25th July, Featuring Crossplay

Infinite Minigolf will be coming to multiple platforms, with optional VR supports for various headsets! That’s according to the press release from Zen Studios. The title will be out on 25th July.

Here’s the list of platforms that it will be launching on:

  • Playstation 4 (Playstation VR)
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Steam (HTC Vive,Oculus Rift)
  • Nintendo Switch

Thank you for staying with us through this period, and big shout out to our Steam early access users for helping us polish Infinite Minigolf!

Jump into the truly infinite experience with the plethora of courses already created and design your own fun and wacky levels to give other players a run for their pars!

With an easy to use course creator and the intuitive hole browser you can always make or find the perfect course, especially since every hole created by the community is shared across all platforms!

So try out your swinging arm in the variety of unique themes, customize your character or compete against friends in multiplayer tournaments up to 8 players online or locally in this never ending, beautiful minigolf experience!

It is available for preorder on Xbox One and Playstation 4 now.

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