“Marvel Powers United VR” Deadpool Announced, Gameplay Videos

Oculus Rift’s upcoming exclusive title “Marvel Powers United VR” was announced fairly recent, and today we got a new character announced at San Diego Comic-Con, in the form of Deadpool, the Merc With the Mouth!

Unleash your rage and smash foes, lock n’ load your favorite plasma cannons, or take to the skies with powerful photon blasts. Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, and a powerful roster of Marvel’s greatest heroes are ready for battle. Suit up, power up, and team up with friends to engage in immersive, explosive co-op fights from across the Marvel Universe. Be the hero and unleash your powers now!

It was previously announced that this action game from Sanzaru Games will feature 4 players co-op. Deadpool will join the currently announced roster of Hulk, Captain Marvel and Rocket Raccoon, with more unannounced characters. Lockjaw looks to be just a character that’s going to transport the playable character(s) from one places to the next, and Roman The Accuser is confirmed to be playing the villain role, though he will most probably be accompanied his villainous allies.

IGN has just put up 3 gameplay videos featuring Deadpool, Hulk and Rocket Raccoon. Check them out below.

*VR Comfort Mode was turned on in this footage, unfortunately, which is why you see the peripheral vision (i.e. the edges of the screen) get cut off sometimes.