“Rise of Insanity” Horror VR Game Early Access Scheduled for September

September is going to get even scarier for VR gamers, as not only thai VR title Home Sweet Home comes out in September, but another horror title is seeing release in that month too.

Rise of Insanity will see release in September as early access title, according to its Steam Page. It is a psychological horror game, where you plays the role of a doctor of psychology who has to discover what happened to your family.


Some aspects of human’s consciousness today, as well as in the 80’s, were mysteries for the doctors. Dr Stephen Dowell has to face the case of his new patient. The symptoms indicate many different disorders that are not connected to each other. Will the doctor solve the puzzle of the mysterious disorder?

The settings is said to base on real world locations of early 80’s USA. Its Steam Page states that you will be walking, exploring, examining and even flying as you attempt to solve the mystery of this adventure title with professional dialogues and sountrack.

Rise of Insanity is set to come to Oculus Rift, OSVR and HTC Vive. The developer Red Limb Studio has promised that it will not stay in Early Access longer than 6 months.


“Most of the work on the core game is finished now, but we would like that the full version of the game would include: the finished story with the nonlinear ending, at least two full language versions (audio) Polish and English, localisation in most of the known languages, full support for VR technology, original soundtrack which will engross the audience most time of the game. We have also some plans to extend some mechanics and to finish the story in an original way.”

No specific release date has been scheduled. We’ll get back when we gets new information. In the meantime, enjoy the screenshots of the game.