“Hold My Beer” VR Site Launch & More Info

Today, developer Lord of the Stack has shared some new information on the next VR title “Hold My Beer”, a work that he has been constructing when he’s not working on “Defense of Castle Chilly“, an early access game (and don’t worry, it is still being actively worked on) currently on Steam.

You know how one of the best things in VR is how you can simulate activities that can’t be conducted in real life due to various reasons? The developer looks to push his title to this direction, as in this game, you will be engaging in idiotic dares and stunts while being drunk with blurry visual.


Hold My Beer consist of 3 unique dares.

In “Idiot Crossing”, you will be crossing a busy street with a walking frame. Its a crazy dare, as you’ll get knocked down by traffic rather easily. Everyone with a sane mind knows that, except when they are drunk of course.

In “Easy As Apples”, you will be loading up a pistol, and attempt to shoot a beer can off the head of a bigger idiot.

In “Flying Fool”, you will have to perform a massive stunt jump on a skateboard. Keep your balance and steer yourself safely down a terrifying ramp is a difficult task on its own, and doing that while being drunk? Good luck.


These dares will commence after you drink the in-game beer. You can of course choose the amount you drink. In fact according to Lord of the Stack, the difficulty of how drunk you feel is based on how much you drink.

“Hold My Beer” looks like it could be a silly fun VR game especially if you play it while being drunk for real. Or why not invite a friend or two along, get drunk together and take turn with this game? On a serious note, maybe not get too drunk when you play it, you wouldn’t want to get yourself injured or have your expensive VR headsets damaged.

Hold My Beer is coming out on 3rd August for the HTC Vive on Steam, with a price tag of $1.99 (it will enjoy a launch discount of 40%, which means a $1.19). You can now follow the game on Steam, and check out the screenshots in the meantime.