“Noise” Coming to Steam with Optional VR for Vive/Rift

A Steam Page has surfaced for an upcoming indie horror title by the name “Noise“. Developed by Talentplace, this is a game that will feature optional VR support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR.

Here’s a warning though: this game doesn’t support motion controller or gamepad, even if you play it in VR. Going by the Steam description, the keyboard/mouse will be the input for this title.

The game will launch as early access in August 2017. According to the description, this is not your typical horror VR title. Noise take place in the USSR, and the game theme centers around a radio.


According to the plot, the radio catches a strangle signal that emits incomprehensible noises constantly around the clock. Sometimes a audible human voice making its way among the noises, but nobody can make out what it is saying. That’s not the only weird thing. According to the maps, the source of the signal doesn’t exist. As the protagonist of the game,you will have to uncover the secrets surrounding this mysterious signal.


You will be holding the radio though, which is the key item that you will need to complete the game. The dev states that there won’t be any combat involved, but that doesn’t mean there’s no threat. You will have to hide from a creature that’s going to be wandering around to find you. The actions you take may reveal your location, which is obviously something you wouldn’t want to do. The creature can seek if you if you turn on the light or use a flashlight. Fortunately for you, the creature emits radio waves, so you can track its location with your radio.

The exact release date has not been set yet.