Oculus New Release: KryptCrawler

Dungeon VR video game “KryptCrawler” is making its way to the Oculus Store today for the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

KryptCrawler is dungeon exploration in its purest form, especially with its grid-based gameplay. In this game, you will descend into the crypts and tombs, as you explore the eerie environment with a map. There are of course, treasures to be found, undead warriors (such as spiders and scorpions) who guards them from the explorers and intruders alike, and needless to say, you will find weapons (both melee and bow) to take them down too. Do watch out for the vicious traps as well, and yes, there are also challenging puzzles along the way.

With modern VR technology, this means some parts of the game are updated with motion control. You will be dodging and tackling the fiends in real time combat, while you seek to make your way out to the sunlight and the world of the living.

Headup Games has provided the following screenshots and the release trailer.