Steam New Release: Mortal Blitz

The Steam port of PSVR/Gear VR arcade shooter title “Mortal Blitz” has just been released over Steam!

Developed by South Korean developer SKonec Entertainment, the game was first released on Gear VR, before PSVR in April. The title then went on to Steam Greenlight, and now it is launched today.

Mortal Blitz applies Gun Shooting games from arcade game centers into VR platform and lets you experience the whole new 1st person VR action shooter experience.

Mortal Blitz is a VR FPS game that maximizes the smashing excitement and sense of hitting.

It has been already released in PlayStation VR Store, and has received warm welcome by users in North America, Europe, Asia and achieved the Most sold PSVR game in the respective stores.

Interaction with the A.G.C.S,
The Dodge/Cover system where you can actually MOVE,
Stylish fighting style where you can float your enemies into air and shoot them in the air,
You can enjoy these unique and thrilling features, which you can only feel with in VR itself.

Also, launching discount of 10 % is ongoing right now, so we hope you can have a great, fun experience with Mortal Blitz.

Thank you!

The game is currently available with 10% launch discount.